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After the disaster of a hotel in Pinsk, we splurged and stayed at a very nice place for one night. We had a great time here, no problem getting around because plenty of people spoke English. We couldn’t stay here longer than a day because of the mix up with our visa, but we did enjoy our short stay and had a gorgeous fall day traipsing through streets and beautiful parks.


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Such a small non-descriptive city. Wasn’t expecting much from the get-go and that’s exactly what we got. Let’s start with the hotel - bad, bad, bad! Did I mention how bad it was? We didn’t have a lot to choose from so we picked the best available (oh my, I’d really hate to see what the others look like) and it is a disaster waiting to happen. No one spoke English which is fine, after all, it is their country - but just to be clear, speaking loud (YELLING) doesn’t help me understand your language any better. We cut short Pinsk by a day and went to Minsk just to be in a safer hotel and make our next stop to Vilnius an easier commute. I should also mention our transportation to Pinsk. It was a 10-hour​ sleeper train with one stopover, and again, no one spoke English but everyone was helpful in their attempt at charades. Somehow we were able to figure out how to make our beds because we watched other people and just mimicked them. Oh, we were able to watch them because the beds were all out in the open - yep, no privacy at all. However, that didn’t stop the women in front of me from stripping down butt naked, well to her thong (if I see cheeks, you are naked). Those Europeans - so free, me - not so much.


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