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Our bus ride from Skopje to Tirana was 9.5 hours. I’m not one to complain but I have set a 5 hour limit on bus rides. Of course I’m flexible, if the ride is 5.5 hours I’ll be reasonable and tolerate it, but there is no way I would have agreed to a 9.5 hour bus ride. Someone didn’t do their homework when it came to planning our trip to Tirana.

Screech, bam, crunch - that was our first sounds as we walked to dinner in Tirana. The crunch sound was the pedestrian getting hit by a car that ran a red light. The traffic is horrendous, the honking is constant and the crowds are everywhere. When crossing the street, at the signal, with the green light and the walk sign does not mean go, it means look, look again and then, keep looking. Cars making a right turn will continue to turn even if you are halfway through the intersection.

This was the last weekend before the kids went back to school so there were festivals everywhere, which would be fun if they sold food at the makeshift stands along with the alcohol. There are restaurants all around, but unless you hit the lunch/dinner time, all they serve are drinks. To us, it seemed like all people do here is drink and smoke. Everywhere! Oh, and eat ice cream, they have a lot of ice cream stands which I certainly enjoyed. ??

There isn’t a lot of history here and the city isn’t that big or pretty so we are rating this city as our least favorite so far.


The Skanderbeg Monument is a monument in the Skanderbeg Square in Tirana, Albania. It commemorates Skanderbeg, the national hero in Albania for resisting the Ottomans.

35m-tall clock tower was completed by Ottoman architects in 1822, and it was for years the tallest building in the capital, sounding a bell every hour on the hour

- all,I’m saying is that people holding a U.S. passport should get in free. ?

The Tanners' Bridge is an 18th-century Ottoman period stone footbridge located. The bridge was once part of the Saint George Road that linked Tirana with the eastern highlands. The road was the rout by which livestock and produce entered the city. In the 1990s the bridge was restored for use by pedestrians.

Friendship Monument

The 1,077-square-foot bunker with reinforced concrete walls up to 8 feet thick was built between 1981 and 1986 to shelter elite police and interior ministry staff in the event of a nuclear attack. The museum holds photographs and equipment that illustrate the political persecution of some 100,000 Albanians from 1945 until 1991.this is one of two bunkers that have been turned in museums

New Mosque


Skanderbeg Square

Square at night

Apparently W is popular in Albania

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